Monday, February 3, 2014

Dayton B625 disassembled

Dayton B625 Disassembled - Imgur
Obviously, its a basic speaker box and drivers. Disassembly was straight forward and easy. Midrange driver looks to be of solid build quality.
Looks like it might be this same driver
These new B625's had the tweeter changed from an 8ohm (old) to a 4ohm (new) with a 6.8mf cap.
From my google fu, it looks like the original cap with the 8ohm tweeter was 3.3mf. I was reading on a Part-express forum post, that a few people had taken their speaker apart and it still had a 3.3mf cap with the new 4ohm tweeter. Could this have possibly been part of the reason for the bad batch that went out earlier in the year?
I'm very interested in someday trying some of these 12 improvements just for funnsies and see how they turn out.
A review and side by side comparison with the Sony B1000 is to come. Preview, I like the Dayton much more.

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