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Godfather of Internet Direct: BIC America Acoustech PL-980 Skyscraper Speakers

The Godfather of Internet Direct: 
BIC America Acoustech PL-980 Skyscraper Speakers

I was lucky enough to be offered a review pair of BIC PL-980 towers by the great people at Acoustic Sound Design ( In case the name is new to you; the BIC brand has been around since the early 70's and the since its re-introduction in 2003, the Acoustech line has had a strong cult Home Theater following with overwhelming praise from their owners. I've been given the chance to spend some time with their current flagship Acoustech PL-980 tower speakers, and believe me they embody the definition of tower.

Coming in at 47 inches tall and about a foot square, the first thing you notice is the sheer size. Easily the biggest speakers I've taken home, dwarfing my Pinnacle BD 2500's. These are not speakers to be trifled with, so take the WAF into consideration. Not only in physical stature are they impressive, but also in the sound they put out. There is no question, …

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