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Emotiva B1 Review: The Wonderful World of Ribbons (AMT).

Emotiva B1: The Wonderful World of Ribbon (AMT) Tweeters

Welcome to my review of the Emotiva B1 bookshelf speakers. With the recent expansion of Emotiva's offerings into passive speakers, and their well reviewed multichannel home theater setups. I wanted to understand what the hype is about.

The Emotiva B1's are bit smaller than many other 5.25 inch bookshelf speakers, but their compact size eases need for extra desk real estate that the HTD Level 2,  Polk S15 or the ELAC B5 need. The Emotiva line has a great industrial look to them, beveled edges and corners, and leather like texture on the vinyl wrap which makes a for nice change of pace over wood grain. The contoured magnetic grills and internal bracing are a welcome additions at this price point. As an internet direct vendor, Emotiva is able to offer a lot of speaker for the money.

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