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DIY Ikea Capita Speaker Stands.

DIY Ikea Capita Speaker Stands 

|I recently got a pair of Emotiva B1 speakers for review and they are good bit smaller than my previous speakers (KEF q100 normally, but I experimented with some Polk LSIm 703s.) Which meant I needed to raise the speakers a bit more and my soup can and drain pipe solution wasn't exactly high brow.

(My DIY guide for past Home Depot drain pipe speaker stands)

Here is the end result.

I'm pretty happy with the way they look for the time it took to do. I think made some positive adjustments upon the example that I was inspired by form redditor Murpien. Obviously, finish paint and sealing up the end grain could always be better. But whatever.

Step by Step (more or less) how I made them.

Not much to say, the Capita angled legs which seem not to be made anymore. I found mine on Amazon though. I'm not much of a woodworker so I found these at Home Depot, I learne…

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