Monday, January 27, 2014

First group of bookshelf speakers coming in for your Average Joe Audio review! Sony SS-B1000, Dayton Audio B652‎ and Monoprice 8250

Many reviews of lower priced audio equipment seem to be made by Audiophiles with well developed aural palettes who see little value in budget speakers or by the Average Joe end user who doesn't have a lot of time to compare their speaker of choice with some of the many others available at similar price points. One of my hopes is to give decent advice and opinions while being able to actually compare many of these selections side by side. 

We might not find any hidden diamonds but with some luck and some fun, maybe we can find a nice little cubic zirconia that can satisfy our budget needs.

So first up will be the Sony SS-B1000 speakers which can be found for the low price of $67.70 @ / OR at your local Walmart for $68.00

Next is a long time favorite the Dayton Audio B652. From the sounds of it there was some production issues over the last year that had lead to some quality control problems but from my understanding those have been sorted out. They can be found for under $40 at OR Amazon

Last and lowest priced is the Monoprice 8250 bookself speaker. Monoprice has produced some excellent HTIB systems over the last few years so lets see how well these larger bookshelfs compare. They can be found for $30.94 at

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