Wednesday, June 4, 2014

DIY ABS/PVC pipe speaker stands

I have been needing some speakers stands and wanted to try to make a DIY solution for myself. I was inspired by this example and wanted to take my own stab at it.
Overall it was a fun project, but I did run into some difficulties when trimming the ABS pipes. I have a chop saw that has adjustments on 2 different planes and no matter what I did, it always seemed to be a degree or so off. Just enough to notice if you stood the pipe on a known level surface. Thankfully that didn't seem to affect the assembly.
The stands ended up being about 3 inches to tall for the SM 65's. When I thought them out in my head I had the SM 45s on them and a slightly taller chair for seating. Total height ended up being about 35 inches when something between 29 and 32 would have been better.
They will probably be moved and used as stands for the surround speakers and will be replaced with something pre-made.
If I was going to do it again, I think I would have chosen a larger diameter pipe, these were 2 inches and I think a 3 inch pipe would be a little more stable. I also ended up putting an old 10lbs weight on the base to add some stability.

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