Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dayton B652, Monoprice 8250, Sony B1000 tested with REW software and Dayton UMM-6 mic

I've been trying to read some tutorials about how to best use REW software, so I'm still not sure I'm doing these tests completely correctly.
Test Equipment and set up
  • Laptop with Behringer UCA202 DAC for output.
  • Dayton UMM-6 USB Mic
  • Sony STR DH130 2.0 receiver @ 40 setting of volume
  • Medium Bedroom 2.0 set up with Mic at seating position at about ear level, pointed at line of site toward the center of speaker placement.
  • Graphs are showing 1/6 octave smoothing
From my understanding of this combination I don't need to calibrate the sound card because I'm not using a sound card and the mic connected via USB and not XLR.
With this combination I also have not been able to figure out if I can/have to match levels. I may have to run these tests again, if I'm not doing something correct.
I believe you can see that there are some inherent room harmonics at play in the larger peaks and valleys in the frequency response here.
All 3 speakers have peaks at @ ~125 hz and again at about 1-1.25 khz and 8 khz
After seeing these graphs, it makes my listening impressions make more sense in a technical perspective. The Monoprices sounded very loud in the vocal range, and could be very over powering at times, that seems to make sense with the huge bump in the 100-200 hz range and again at 300.
The HUGE drop is high end frequency response by the Sony's seems to verify my opinion the the Sony's are very muddled and lacking A LOT of anything in the upper registers.
Another interesting happening was after I replaced the Daytons on their stands in what I thought was pretty much their original placement and the response after ~2k hz began to change pretty significantly as far as the graph shows. I'm not sure how much difference it would make for me in daily listening though.

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